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Wednesday Aug 24

Strong Apps and Speedy Sites Boost Brand Performance

Written by Galia Myron 24 June 2013

Majority of Americans won’t shop a brand if the website or mobile app is subpar.

A slow website or inefficient mobile application may mar a brand to the point that it loses consumers, a survey by Harris Interactive focusing on consumer behavior and online shopping has found. The vast majority of Americans—88 percent, or nine out of ten—feel negatively about brands with poorly performing websites and mobile apps. Nearly the same number of people (83 percent) has a negative reaction when a website is too slow.

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Social Media Increases FoMo

Written by Galia Myron 19 May 2013

Constant Facebook and Twitter check-ins reflect a growing fear of missing out.

UK researchers have found a way to measure the amount of FoMO—the fear of missing out—that drive social media users to constantly check their Facebook and Twitter accounts. FoMO, researchers say, is characterized by the desire to stay connected to what others are up to and concern that our peers are enjoying more and better experiences than we are. 

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Made in the U.S.A.

Written by Galia Myron 07 May 2013

American consumers driven by patriotism, desire to boost economy; willing to pay more for U.S. goods. 

Nearly half of Americans make an effort to buy American-made items, says a recent poll examining consumer behavior. Citing a desire to protect American jobs and boost the economy, these shoppers are more likely to consider patriotism before product-specific reasons—including quality, safety, and cost—as a driving force behind their purchasing choices, says Gallup. 

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Bargaining For Our Health

Written by Galia Myron 19 April 2013

Health-conscious often make trade-offs to fit healthy habits into their day.


Taking the time to fix a healthy meal or snack may be a good move towards achieving one’s health goals, but keep in mind that food preparation may be cutting into your exercise time, say researchers from Ohio State University. Whether study participants were men, women, married, single, and whether they were parents or had no children, the findings were consistent: a ten-minute increase in food preparation meant a higher likelihood of cutting ten minutes from one’s workout.

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Modern Family

Written by Galia Myron 05 April 2013

Parents adopt less conventional roles in busy times, tough economy.

While moms are doing more paid work outside the home than in the past, dads are contributing more to household chores and child care, says a Pew Research study examining how moms and dads juggle the demands of modern-day parenting.

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