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Sunday Aug 28


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Web site

demodirt.com is the leading online publication dedicated to providing demographic and psychographic intelligence about Generation Y, Generation X, Baby Boomers, Matures, and more. It also covers the latest demographic, behavioral, and attitudinal data and trends by race, religion, gender, geographical location, educational attainment, health, household income, and more. 

The Web site, which is updated several times a week, features analysis from expert sources in hundreds of exclusive articles.


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Our Readers

demodirt.com's readership consists of business executives, marketers, advertisers, consumer strategists, demographers, statisticians, futurists, professors, psychologists, business students, and anyone interested in demographic, behavioral, and attitudinal trends.

Site Editor

Galia Myron, Executive Editor

As executive editor, Galia is responsible for the general editorial direction of demodirt.com, demo dirt GOLD, and the demo dirt email newsletter. She writes, edits, and posts the news and analysis stories for all three products and assigns, edits, and posts, contributed articles from guest columnists.

Her expertise has appeared in a variety of media outlets, such as The New York Times, in the article, "No Meat, No Butter, and No More Obscurity," about vegan living on Long Island. She was also interviewed for her coverage of green trends by Jill Buck, the host of Go Green Radio on Voice America Talk Radio Network, in the segment "Go Green in the Media—What's Real? What's Hype?". References to Galia's articles have also appeared in leading online publications, such as fastcompany.com, psychologytoday.com, iconoculture.com and several university Web sites, including UCLA School of LawPace University, and others.

Prior to joining demodirt.com, Galia was a freelance writer for various publications, including canvasli.com, parentstalk.com, and  destinationCRM.com (CRM magazine). Before entering the publishing world, Galia was an early childhood educator for five years. She received her M.A. from William Paterson University and her B.A. in psychology and theatre arts at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Our Company
demodirt.com and its associated products are published by Rimon Press, LLC, founded in March 2007.


"The breadth of topics covered on demodirt.com is always timely and the depth is always outstanding." 

 --Leslie G. Ungar, professional speaker, executive coach, and strategist at Electric Impulse Communications

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