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Monday Aug 29


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How do I subscribe to demo dirt GOLD?

- In the top, left corner click on "Register."

- If you wish to select one of the top two payment plans (Annual Recurring, or Monthly Recurring, you'll need to have, or create, a PayPal account. To create a PayPal account, visit www.paypal.com (or click "PayPal account" inside the payment plan box that you prefer). At the PayPal Web site, click "Sign up" in the "Account login" box and follow the instructions.

- Once you've created your PayPal account, go back to demodirt.com's Payment Plan page. Select your preferred payment plan by clicking on the PayPal button inside your desired payment plan box.

- Enter your full name, username, password, and click on the word "Register."

- Confirm your account information and click "Continue."

- Confirm your billing terms and click "Checkout."

- Log in to PayPal to complete your transaction.

How do I cancel my subscription to demo dirt GOLD?

If you have an Annual Recurring or Monthly Recurring payment plan, you can cancel your subscription to demo dirt GOLD through your PayPal account.

If you paid for a 3-, 2-, or 1-year subscription with your credit card, you will not be billed after your subscription expires, so there is no need to cancel. 


Is there a penalty for canceling my demo dirt GOLD account within 30 days of subscribing?

For the Annual Recurring plan, there is no penalty for canceling during the 4-week, free-trial period. For the Monthly Recurring plan, you can cancel your account at anytime without incurring a penalty. However, we do not offer a free trial period or refunds for this plan. If you have a 3-, 2-, or 1-year subscription that you paid with your credit card, processing fees may apply.




"The breadth of topics covered on demodirt.com is always timely and the depth is always outstanding." 

 --Leslie G. Ungar, professional speaker, executive coach, and strategist at Electric Impulse Communications

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