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Friday Aug 26

Privacy Policy

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Date revised and posted: 12/6/2008

Rimon Press, LLC’s Customer Privacy Policy has been developed as an extension of our commitment to combine the finest quality products and services with the highest level of integrity in dealing with our customers. The Policy guides how we collect, store, and use information about customers and prospects, and it will be periodically assessed against new technologies, business practices, and our customers' changing needs.

Rimon Press, LLC may, from time to time, modify this Customer Privacy Policy to reflect legal, technological, and other developments. In that event, the changes will appear at this location.

Rimon Press, LLC will also comply with applicable non-U.S. laws that impose additional responsibilities on Rimon Press, LLC beyond those stated in this Policy in connection with the treatment of Personally-Identifiable Information about its customers and prospects.

Rimon Press, LLC is committed to using all reasonable efforts to abide by the following Policy statement:

   1. Collection. Personally-Identifiable Information will only be collected to the extent that Rimon Press, LLC deems reasonably necessary to serve a legitimate business purpose. Please be aware that if you disclose Personally-Identifiable Information on Web site blogs, that information may be collected and used by third parties without our knowledge and may result in unsolicited communications from third parties. Such activities are beyond the control of Rimon Press, LLC.

   2. Notification. Customers and prospects will be notified (usually at the point where Personally-Identifiable Information is collected) as to the uses Rimon Press, LLC may make of the Personally-Identifiable Information collected from them.

   3. Security. Appropriate safeguards will be implemented in an effort to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of Personally-Identifiable Information about our customers and prospects.

Rimon Press, LLC may host sponsored product listings and offer informational downloads for a variety of companies (or Sponsors). When registration is required to receive or view the download, all data collected during product registration and/or Rimon Press, LLC Web site registration will be shared with the Sponsor. When shared, this data is governed by the individual Sponsor's privacy policy (except as noted in the following sentence) and may be used by the Sponsor for follow-up purposes. Similarly, Rimon Press, LLC will have the same access to this data as the Sponsors, and this Privacy Policy continues to govern how Rimon Press, LLC uses the data. For details on how Sponsors use the information you provide, please contact the Sponsor directly.

Please note that our Web sites may contain links to other Web Sites that have their own privacy policies and practices. While The Rimon Press, LLC will employ commercially appropriate procedures to help ensure that your information is only used for authorized purposes as described above, Rimon Press, LLC cannot make any guarantees with respect to the actions or policies of such third parties.


Rimon Press, LLC Web sites are not intended for use by children, especially those under 13. No one under age 13 is allowed to provide any personal information or use our public discussion areas, forums, and chats. Minors under the age of 18 are prohibited from making purchases, including subscriptions, on our sites.

If your children disclose information about themselves in our public discussion areas, they may get unsolicited messages from other parties. Accordingly, you should tell them not to do so.

Compliance with Law

Subject to applicable law, we reserve the right to release information concerning any user of our sites or services when we have grounds to believe that the user is in violation of our Terms of Service or other published guidelines or engages in (or we have grounds to believe is engaging in) any illegal activity, and to release information in response to court and governmental orders, other enforceable requests from government entities, civil subpoenas, discovery requests and otherwise as required by law. We also may release information about users when we believe in good faith that such release is required to protect the rights, property, safety or security of Rimon Press, LLC, any of our users, or the public, or to respond to an emergency.

Changes to the Rimon Press, LLC Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be modified from time to time. If there is a significant change, we will indicate on our sites that our Privacy Policy has changed.


When you register for demo dirt GOLD or the demo dirt Newsletter, Rimon Press, LLC collects your contact information (including your name, address and email address). This information is added to our mailing list so that, from time to time, we can send you information about new features, updates, participation in market research, and changes to Rimon Press, LLC’s products and services. Rimon Press, LLC does not make customer contact information available to outside companies. We may, however, enable sponsors to collect customer information

unless customers sign up to receive information from our sponsors (i.e. white papers). If this changes, we will notify you and request your permission to make your contact information available to outside companies. We will not send your information to outside companies without your permission.

Rimon Press, LLC does not store credit card information in its databases as this information is collected through our credit card processing partner, PayPal. View PayPal’s Privacy Policy.

You can correct or change customer contact information at any time by sending an email to the executive editor. You can also contact the executive editor if you have an unresolved customer concern.


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 --Leslie G. Ungar, professional speaker, executive coach, and strategist at Electric Impulse Communications

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