Monday Aug 29

Generation Y

The Bully in Your House

Monday, 29 August 2016 18:25

Programs targeting bullying often overlook online aggression.

While online aggression has been making many headlines, how does online bullying compare to the traditional schoolyard bullying that many adults remember from their childhoods? Despite many similarities, cyberbullying and traditional bullying are not the same, meaning the intervention programs targeting bullying must focus specifically on online aggression, says Canadian research. There is a common misconception that anti-bullying initiatives address online aggression, says Jennifer Shapka, PhD, associate professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia.


You Can’t Trust Hyper-Connected Experts

Monday, 29 August 2016 18:25

Is technology hurting or helping Millennials and future generations?


Recently, Pew Research published the findings of its survey of over 1000 technology experts on the possible effect on the Millennial Generation of growing up in a media saturated, hyper-connected world. We were flattered to be included in their sample of experts, but would nevertheless urge caution in over-interpreting the results.


Growing Pains

Monday, 29 August 2016 18:25

Adulthood seems to emerge a full decade after it did for our parents. Why that's not a bad thing.

Author Q&A

A Pew survey says that most Americans believe that young adults are having the toughest time in this economy, and a majority also says that they believe that this cohort is having a harder time finding a job, buying a house, paying college tuition, and achieving other milestones, than their parents did. However, young adults are also optimistic about their prospects and futures. Author Barbara Ray, who co-wrote Not Quite Adults: Why Twenty-Somethings Are Taking a Slower Path to Adulthood and Why It’s Good for All of Us with generational expert Richard Settersten, PhD, says that the Pew results are not at all surprising. In an exclusive interview with demodirt.com, Ray explains why our notions of adulthood are ever-changing, the impact of underemployment and immobility on young people, and why, despite their many challenges, Generation Y is unflaggingly optimistic. 


Love and Marriage: Millennials and American Families

Monday, 29 August 2016 18:25

What will American families be like in the Millennial era? 

Millennials (young Americans born from 1982-2003) are now beginning to marry and form their own families—or at least thinking about it. What will American families be like in the Millennial era? If history and generational theory provide any guide, Millennial families will be very different from the Baby Boomer and Generation X-parented families of the past four or five decades.


Marriagephobic Millennials

Monday, 29 August 2016 18:25

While Millennials value parenthood, they are more likely to shun marriage. 



Modern 18 to 29 year-olds value parenthood above marriage, says a Pew Research survey examining generational attitudes towards marriage and family. While more than half of Millennials (52 percent) say that being a good parent “is one of the most important things in life,” less than a third (30 percent) say the same about having a successful marriage. This indicates, Pew says, a 22-point gap between the two items.




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