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Saturday Aug 27

Men Trends

Girls Club

Saturday, 27 August 2016 10:03

Women earn more money in occupations in which men are scarce.


Women have a greater chance of earning more than their male peers when there are fewer men to compete against, found a joint UK and Canadian study that examined sex roles and income across twenty industrialized nations. 


Daddy War Bucks

Saturday, 27 August 2016 10:03

In tough economy, men may struggle with changing roles at home and work.

As Father’s Day in the U.S. fast approaches, U.S. families are looking for ways to give great gifts while saving money—while dads, says men’s mental health expert Will Courtenay, Ph.D, continue to struggle with the poor economy’s effects on their self-images. “Many men believe that providing financially for family is central to being a man and a father,” explains Courtenay. “So, falling on tough economic times, can hit home very hard for these men.”


A Veggie Manwich is a Meal

Saturday, 27 August 2016 10:03

Despite health risks, men erroneously covet meat as masculine.

Men are more likely to connect masculinity with meat than with vegetables, says a study examining attitudes toward food and notions of manhood.  Researchers from four universities, including UNC Chapel Hill and Cornell, wanted to see if “people in Western cultures have a metaphoric link between meat and men,” the study authors write. What this means, say the researchers, is that marketers need to reshape metaphors to make them more veg-friendly. For example, they recommend presenting veggie burgers with grill marks to make them look more like the typically masculine burger.


Pillow Talk

Saturday, 27 August 2016 10:03

Sleeping too soon after sex may be bad for your relationship, experts warn.

Conking out just after sex may leave your partner feeling lonely and neglected, while cuddling and chatting will improve and strengthen your relationship, say psychologists who studied post-relations mating behavior between men and women.

“Research usually focuses on what happens until mating—sex is the goal,” says Daniel J. Kruger, PhD of the University of Michigan. “This study looks at what happens after sex.”



Hard-Wired Weiner

Saturday, 27 August 2016 10:03

From Schwarzenegger to Weiner, the powerful also seem highly-sexed. Why?


Politicians aren’t more morally corrupt, say most Americans, but are simply caught more often than their peers, according to a poll examining public opinion and political sex scandals. More than half of poll respondents (57 percent) maintain that politicians entangled in recent sex scandals don’t represent a group that follows a lower standard of morality, but rather are subjected to such great scrutiny that they are caught more often. While public opinion doesn’t separate politicians from the general population in this regard, demodirt.com was curious: is there something to Henry Kissinger’s assertion that power is the ultimate aphrodisiac?  




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