Monday Aug 29

Consumer Spending

Manning Up for Charity

Monday, 29 August 2016 03:49

Men are giving as much as women, say experts on cause marketing.


Men can be as soft-hearted as women, says a new survey that examined male and female reactions to cause marketing. While experts have traditionally stated that women are more likely to give to charity and react favorably to cause marketing, men today seem to be equally as interested in giving as their female counterparts. Some of the male-driven trend to support non-profits may be due to generational factors, says Mike Skrypnek, director of wealth management at Canada-based Richardson GMP Limited and author of Philanthropy: An Inspired Process


“I think it highlights a generational trend that is being experienced immediately by Baby Boomers and that is a rising incidence of disease, such as prostate cancer in 50 to 60 year old men,” he says.


Hunting and Gathering at the Mall

Monday, 29 August 2016 03:49

Sex differences in shopping behaviors go back to caveman days.


As you and your loved ones tackle the mall crowds this holiday season, keeping in mind how men and women are hard-wired to acquire items may help you keep you patience as well. Evolutionary psychologist Daniel J. Kruger, PhD of the University of Michigan says that sex differences in consumer behavior are a result of years of men hunting and women gathering, and that the behaviors that we exhibit today are simply modern adaptations of those behaviors to fit our modern environment.



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