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Thursday Aug 25

Home Ownership

Luxe Fever

Thursday, 25 August 2016 15:06

Keeping up with the Joneses increases with income.

A Pew Research report on the middle class has determined that our happiness depends on where we live and how expensive it is to live in our neighborhoods. Dwelling in an expensive area, says the reports, leads to higher stress levels as the age-old pressure to keep up with the Joneses continues to plague members of the middle class.



The Fall of the McMansion

Thursday, 25 August 2016 15:06

Halt that construction! The walls of American excess are crumbling.


Saltboxes, colonials, and farmhouses…these old-fashioned homes have captured the hearts of contemporary Americans looking to build homes that evoke feelings of nostalgia and family. The once-popular McMansion, says Iconoculture, has been on its way out, as people seek to abandon the cold carbon copy anonymity of oversized, inefficient dwellings. “Consumers are increasingly backlashing against the homogeneous style of McMansions. Homeowners may still want big homes, but they want heritage, character and charm, too,” the report says.



The Incredible Shrinking Home

Thursday, 25 August 2016 15:06

Low maintenance, easy living, and economic pressures are encouraging Americans to buy smaller houses.


Bigger is not better after all—even in real estate. Just as restaurant chain TGIF is downsizing its portions and prices to meet consumer demand, in the wake of expanding waistlines, homebuyers will also choose to reduce their portions in the near future. Are Americans beginning to realize that good things come in small packages? Is this a return to the days of 6 oz. colas and cozy little homes?




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