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Saturday Jul 30

Political Trends

Talking the Talk

Friday, 29 July 2016 22:24

Politicians’ speech patterns subtly reflect racism, sexism in America.


Think all politicians sound alike? Not so, say researchers who examined the speech patterns of black and female political figures. Comparing the language of male and female, and black and white politicians, sociolinguist Camelia Suleiman, PhD, and psychologist Daniel O’Connell, S.J. found that language subtly reflects a social hierarchy and stratification not openly acknowledged or discussed.



The Year of the Female

Friday, 29 July 2016 22:24

The female what? Election year presents debate on sexist stereotypes.


Shortly after the election, McCain camp insiders vehemently attacked Sarah Palin, anonymously sharing juicy and unflattering Palin tales with columnists, and were eager to place blame for the Republican loss squarely on her designer-donned shoulders.

Before and following the Palin attacks, some have argued that pundits and the media reinforced negative female stereotypes under the cloak of election coverage, while others applaud the strong role that women played this past year. So, the question is, have women made progress or been set back by this year’s election?



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