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Wednesday Aug 24

Sexual Behavior

Not a Sex Kitten, Yet Not a Cougar

Tuesday, 23 August 2016 23:56

Women feel sexiest at age 34. Grrrr…

A British survey examining women’s sexual confidence found that women in their mid-thirties and beyond feel sexier than they did in their twenties. The magic sexy number? 34.

The poll, commissioned by Astral moisturizer, asked 1,031 women about their sex lives, focusing on frequency and quality of intercourse. More than half (56 percent) of respondents stated that they enjoy sex more now than they did when they were younger. While women aged 45 to 60 reported fewer instances of intimacy than their younger counterparts, they also reported a higher rate of satisfaction. Women between 45 and 60 stated that they have sex an average of 4.5 times a month, versus women in their twenties and thirties who reported an average of 10.4 times a month.



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